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You tweet too well. You tweet twell.

Back story: Do you see what I just tweeted. So, these are super and I wanted to share them first on my blog, and then steal them as my own tweets. You’ve been forewarned, right? I have the right to steal your tweets? OK. We’re agreed.

“That foot sex tweet won me 3 new followers. Cha-ching!” –By Frangia. Intriguing . . .

“Hold on to your asses. BIG NEWS.” –By ALMoreExciting. Exciting!

“How many times can Malcolm Turnbull post the link to his article?” –By eacrook. My kind of funny. How many times had Malcolm Turnbull done it so far?

“I get really distracted trying to talk to someone with no upper front teeth, you?” –By RKLugo. Classic.

“I don’t know Anissa, but A: I am totally pulling for her & sending all my good vibes. B: way to go people! this flood of caring is amazing!” –By causeiamawoman. New age. I love when people openly send good vibes.

“So, if I return the 2 or 3 phone calls I don’t feel like making, will the person who’s not returning my calls call me back? Just wondering.” –By RLVT. Clever. This is just the type of thing I’m talking about. I’m stealing this one for sure.

“who is this strange person sitting in my apartment in a pink snuggie reading Twilight and eating Ramen Noodles? Oh wait. That’s me.” –By Megsstine. Clever. Stealing this one too, but changing the title of the book, changing apartment to house, and changing Ramen Noodles to Cup O’Noodles. Wait. Nevermind. “My” post will be completely new and unrecognizable.

“Today I feel bloated and ugly like a pair of Crocks.” –By SnarkyWeinerDog. Clever. Taking that one; calling it my own.

“In bed with a cute guy. Hope he doesn’t notice.” –By JohannaGohmann. Clever to the point of no fair.

“Rum makes for terrible hangovers. I’m sticking with Vodka.” –By BrownBagCindi. Reasonable.

 “Thanks Roeland Park police for not knocking on our door and windows tonight…#spookypolice” — By LindsayP. Interesting. Why are the police spooky?

“@DonnieWahlberg Soooo, just got my tickets to NKOTB! Woodlands, TX! Can’t freakin wait! I think us girls might get wasty that night fo sho!” –By jdhallm. Funny. I don’t care who you are. Everything about this post from NKOTB to wasty is Love. I like that you “might” get wasty, but it’s also “fo sho.” I would steal this, if it were more believable. “Us” girls, aka my girls, aren’t anywhere near Woodlands, TX.

“When I see a hot tub, I don’t see a hot tub. I see a cauldron for people soup.” –By S_SylvesterGLEE. Too clever past the point of no fair. Let’s pretend we didn’t even see this one because she’s so completely out of my league.

“@chelseahandler chunk convinced me to let him out of the plastic dungeon thing and party hard. Ransom still $1100. http://twitpic.com/1hvpkm” –By JennyfromMTV. Throw-Back. I like this post for several reasons. #1: It’s Jenny McCarthy. #2: She’s speaking directly to Chelsea Handler. #3. Chunk? Goonies? Total Throw-back. A+. I’m not stealing this, I’m afraid I could get sued.

“I’ll also be on CNN tomorrow afternoon (Sat. April 10. I’ll be talking about a number of things, tax debt, spring… http://fb.me/v4BqJPES” –By SingletaryM. Important. You know what? I’m going to make a post like this, and it’s going to be so important that people won’t even care whether or not it’s true. I love how the post says tax debt, and then spring. I’m going to talk about saving a marriage after an affair, and then swimming pools and beach balls. 

“‘Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.’ -Anais Nin” –By islandcoach. Wisdom. Anais Nin? I hear Jewel singing the name. Lovely choice of quote.

Holy eyes wide open, Batman! I just figured out how to figure out when people are talking directly to me with the @ symbol. I’m having actual back-and-forth with fellow tweeters, so, feeling pretty pro right now. Honest to gosh, next thing you know, I’ll create a sensible and/or witty tweet. 

P.S. Having a spring girls’ getaway next weekend that will knock your socks off when I blog and post pictures. Jenny McCarthy, you are so totally invited. All the best in love and life.


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I am going to meet you now, whether you like it or not.

I moved into my neighborhood about nine months ago and I have yet to really meet a neighbor. It’s spring, and the ‘hood is bustling, and I’m shouting “Hi!” and “Hello!” with good response, but not getting much further. Fuzzy neighbors are slippery like that.

I call them fuzzy because I’m near-sighted and I rarely wear my glasses if I’m not driving or watching The Real Housewives of anywhere in this country. So, the people could be giving me dirty looks, could be smiling, could be talking to me on line in the grocery store, but I’d never know it unless I started wearing my glasses. Up close, they’d be people with faces, instead of fuzzy neighbors from afar. However, up close seems like a thousand miles away–quite a journey–and I’m ready to take the first step.

Truth be told, I was mad at all of them for months. I really love my new home and I pictured my neighbors approaching me–all giddy and glee–with welcome baskets and Real Housewives conversation. Never happened. The most dialogue I got was when the next door neighbor asked me to stop allowing my dogs to go to the bathroom in his yard. He was right, that happened. In my defense, that was after he neglected to bring me a goody basket or even come out and say “hey” when we were moving in. You saw me moving in! I know you did, you big being of fuzz.

So, lately I’ve been having a few conversations with my friends (of which I have MAN-Y–and good ones too, fuzzy neighbors) about my neighborhood. And someone made the most enlightening statement, “To have good neighbors, you have to be a good neighbor.” Aha!  I will no longer let the dogs loose in the yard, because they don’t behave and tend to roam off wherever they want, which happens to be just across the imaginary–but very real–border between my neighbor’s house and mine. I’ve started taking those dogs on more walks, AND I bring plenty of poo bags. With that, I feel that I am becoming more neighbor-licious every day.

Therefore, I am going to meet you now, fuzzy neighbors, whether you like it or not. You may be wondering, “who is that woman who keeps waving at me when she drives past my house?” Or, “Who keeps shouting ‘hello’ at us from two blocks down the street?” Or, “What’s that lady doing on our lawn?” She is me. And I was simply admiring your tulips–what a good year for them, wouldn’t you say? Next time, come out and greet me. I’m not crazy. I’m just so darn good-neighborly.


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Clutter Clearing, Soul Cleansing

Last month, I focused my entire being on being organized. Part of that process was taking care of unfinished business, those nagging little tasks that won’t do themselves, but will drain you of vital energy every time you think of them and how unfinished they remain. For example, I made dentist appointments (this was particularly easy because my dentist is so busy, we won’t actually have to go to any of those appointments for two months) and taking my dogs to the vet for a check-up and all of the over-priced prevention medicine they could suggest. I made budgets, scheduled exercise, planned meals, etc. I was trying to ensure my life was organized to help me produce the results I want.

I am currently focusing my being on being cleansed. I will do this for the entire month of March. What I’m noticing right now, is that you can cleanse almost every aspect of your life. For instance, what is consuming your mental energy? I asked myself that very question last night, and I’m being over-critical of past mistakes and over-analyzing recent events that made me quite uncomfortable. What am I doing, but creating more of the same with the constant frown or worry brow I wear? It’s time for me to turn back to my trusted and beloved Louise Hay. For positive affirmations and insight, nobody does it better! She’ll be in my ear all day as I readjust my thought process for brighter ideas and a fresh start.

I love working with my environment when I’m actively trying to raise my energetic vibration, so I’m cleansing that as well. I feel fortunate that this urge has fallen right in time with spring cleaning! As I’m scrubbing the corners of my home, clearing cobwebs, and moving unnecessary items from the house, I’m symbolically telling the universe “out with stale, used up energy and in with a fresh force.” It feels good, and it looks good too.

I’m cleansing my time consumption. If I’m not using my time to produce the results I want, then I try to be using my time to rest and rejuvenate myself, to play or laugh, to soak up fresh air, energizing sunlight, or my family’s love. I turn off the computer when I’m done working to avoid mindless clicking, and since I’m not much of a TV watcher, this does the trick. Without the computer to sit down to, I find that I’m sitting down less because I’m busy depositing more Life in my life.

What adds Life to your life?

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman

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