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With these Bracelets, I thee Share

My bracelets were recently worn by a bridal party at a wedding, and that includes the bride, herself. Her something blue came from the Energy Shop. I made a bride’s something blue. I’m still reeling over this, and now I’m creating listings to encourage more of the same feeling. When I sit in my home office and work with these gemstones, I imagine my jewelry on people’s arms doing wonderful things with them in their lives. I think to myself, All the places you’ll go . . .

On its way ♥

An Energy Shop Facebook friend recently pointed out her profile picture, in which she’s standing on the beach with her family and she’s got an Energy Shop bracelet on her wrist.  It looks like a beautiful, lifetime memory, and I feel like I get to be part of that. I realize not everybody thinks of energy the same way. I see it as far beyond us, all around us, all through us, and connecting us to everywhere and everything. I see us even more so connected when we purposely send our loving thoughts and prayers exactly where we’d like them to go.

My bracelets are made of loving thoughts and prayers. I practically kiss them ‘goodbye’ when I pack them off to your house. And if you know me, you know that I wear a lot of my own bracelets. Sometimes, they’re just for me. I’ll have a feeling that the gemstone I’m working with has everything I need at that time, and I pop one on my own wrist as I’m making them for sale. Other times, I will absolutely LOVE the colors and stones I’m working with, but I’ll know it’s needed somewhere else. Today I finished my first necklace:

Summer Cherries

Everyone in my house wants us to keep it, but I know it has to go. It has a destiny, and fate will carry it away to its rightful mailbox. Until the next time I pull my head out of the beads. All the best ♥



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Hey, You with the Pool!

I read a lot of lists on these here blogs. Everybody’s got one, so I thought, I’ll start a list. But, I am not a multi-tasker. I can only think of one thing at a time. So, here’s number one on my list:

1. Make 8 friends who have a backyard pool.

That way, I’ll get invited to a different pool friend’s house everyday and twice on Sundays. That sounds so cool, clear, and refreshing because it’s getting MUGGY up in ‘here. When we were kids, we used to call this sort of thing “using.” Now, it’s just “logical.” Virginia temps are reaching the mid-90’s and to be outside is to be sweating. I’ve had it with the hot nonsense already.

On a related note, guess who saw a new fuzzy neighbor yesterday? That’s right–ME. This fuzzy neighbor happens to be the only person I’ve seen in our ENTIRE neighborhood who owns a backyard pool. My dog took a dump right in front of her house, so, that gave us plenty of time to small-talk. 5 more dog dumps like that one, and I can call her a friend and find out what time’s too early for me to show up for a swim.

1 down. 7 to go.


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