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Oh, Real Housewives, How I Love Thee

I devoured the last episode of Real Housewives of New York, or #RHONY as I have learned to affectionately make reference of it on Twitter. Bravo TV is Fan-Damn-tastic at casting these shows. They choose a handful of really likable women and then they add in one certifiable nut-job. However, this past Thursday night, something happened that has never happened before. All the likable woman looked at the crazy and decided she was too crazy to argue with any longer. Thank you, Sonja. What a breath of fresh air you have turned out to be. I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it.

I wanted to write a full-length post about how brilliant Sonja was on the episode I just watched of RHONY, but then I found this post and I couldn’t have said it any better. ♥

The Stuff of Nightmares by Karen Valby

Suddenly, I find myself liking Ramona. Who knew?



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Real Housewives? Yes, Please!

I Love me some Real Housewives, but I find my opportunities for show gossip too far and few between. I’m honestly shocked that people don’t lover those lover-licious housewives same as I do! The rest of the world must have their full share of drama and female hyjinx, but I need my fix. Besides that, I love to see how other people live.

Getting to know real people to see how they live takes forever because most of them want to small talk. I despise small talk because I feel as if it gets us nowhere. Small talk is the verbal equivalent of chasing your own tail. If someone approaches me and, within the first few minutes, we’re talking about real stuff (versus nonsense and fluff), I know that I have met a kindred spirit. For this reason, meeting my husband and I for the first time might seem more like an interrogation than small talk. If you feel inspired, answer these questions in comments and I promise you, I will be no less than thrilled to hear your answers!

#1 “Where do you love to vacation?”

#2 “What do you do with your spare time on the weekends?”

#3 “What do you watch on tv?”

We ask those questions, but if we really like the other people, it’s more like rapid fire and yelling, and not to be nosy. I just imagine that you know a beautiful spring vacation spot, right off the mountains and next to a lake. OR! That you’ve discovered the most serene and private east coast beach spot and no one else has heard of it yet. Perhaps you have a hobby that I have never considered, something that would not even occur to me to try, but I hear it from you and learn that I LoVe it! Or an exercise routine that would knock my socks off and you take a class every Saturday. Who knows? And I’m just spit-balling here. In reality, I never know what I might discover!

But, the big question is: what do you watch on TV? Because I have an entire, hour-long Housewives conversation just waiting to unload onto one unsuspecting viewer. Most people I know have only watched a show or two. Doesn’t stop me. I fill them in on what’s happened since the last show they may have watched and then discuss anything that may have been bothering me or exciting me about recent events. I can’t seem to help myself, I’m so excited about it that it just bubbles out of me.

Furthermore, there is nothing more fun than finding four unwatched Housewives of Anywhere in this Country episodes just awaiting my attention on the DVR. Add one bottle of Pinot and I might as well be on a girls’ vacation. Where you at Housewives lovers?

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