Do you see what I just tweeted?!

I don’t know how to keep up with Twitter. I do alright with Facebook, but the tweeting talent seems to have passed me over. I just feel lost and so I start typing in the slot and blurt nonsense.

“I want to have a cup of coffee.”

“That didn’t make any sense. I was joking.”

“I’m typing a tweet.”

I mean, seriously. I’m obviously not made of one-liners, and I’m starting to envy those who are. The site makes me feel incompetent. I’m going to start stealing good tweets. Then what? Whose gonna check me, boo? Be careful. Watch out for my plagiarism, because I’m not even going to give you the RT credit you deserve. Envy is an ugly emotion and I certainly will not be held responsible for my actions. You’ve been forewarned. Either tweet as bad as I do, or get your good tweets stolen–right from underneath your clever little fingers (because your fingers were doing all the typing from your clever mind). SEE HOW BAD I AM AT ONE-LINERS?!

P.S. I’m planning a Real Housewives Cobblesquat. I will create a post that covers all of the shows, favorites and villains. I can hardly wait to write it. I Love me some Housewives.



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3 responses to “Do you see what I just tweeted?!

  1. I’m so with you on the Twitter thing…I can never think of the right thing to say!! ugh…stealing, yes, I think that might be just the way to go – unless we’re all stealing each others tweets and all we see is the same thing over and over 🙂

    • So glad to find I’m not the only one. I’m going to make us a list of great tweets to plagiarize, but this may take a while . . . I’ll post the list when I’m done!

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