3 Ways to Get What You Want

How you start your day is how you live your day, and how you live your day is the way you live your life. ~Louise Hay

If you’re seeking success, there’s really no difference between who you are now and who you want to become. It’s a matter of applying that feeling of success everyday until you meet your goals. Here is a very simple, 3-step formula you can follow to get all that you desire:

Act as if. Act as if you are already where you want to be. Imagine your biggest dream came true last week: all that you’ve been wishing on is now yours! Does that change anything about your day? Would you be wearing what you have on? Would you be doing what you had planned? Would your mood be the same?

To change your present attitude and act as if you already have what you want, think of the role models in your life, the people whom you admire. When you find yourself in a funk, or you’re struggling to make a decision, or you are resisting a change, ask yourself:

  • What would my role model do next?
  • How would my role model dress?
  • How would my role model approach this situation?
  • Would I be proud to show my role model this project/space/idea?

I have always had very glamorous role models. I admire self-respecting, graceful women who show up in heels and lipstick. I am rarely in heels or lipstick. In fact, until last month, I never wore more than a kitten heel on my shoes! Because I am striving to act as if I am already the success I wish for, I have a new pair of 4” heels I’m wobbling around on–I practice walking in them as I do house chores, and I look quite silly doing it. However, if I am going to be as glamorous as my role models, I have to change the habit of showing up in my tennis shoes! What habit can you adopt that will help you begin to act as if you already have what you want?

Create a Plan B and be stoked about it. I have a life-changing Plan A that I am working on this year. I want Plan A so badly that I can taste it! I have a visualization mapped of how it will all unfold. I often get carried away in daydreams and I practice my reaction to Plan A coming true in the mirror. I love Plan A.

So that my desire for Plan A doesn’t turn into desperation, I have carefully drafted a second place prize: Plan B. In Plan B, I still achieve the feelings I desire, I just have to practice more patience to reach the ultimate goal and rewards in Plan A.

For example, let’s say you have always wanted to learn to speak French. You buy a course that will teach you the language, and then you set a rewarding Plan A. “If I get to third level French by the end of next year, I will travel to my dream destination of Paris, France for one week. I will become affluent in the French language, using the week to practice speaking with Parisians.”


Now, that’s a pretty lofty goal, but just imagine it! Picture yourself on the streets of Paris in the springtime speaking French. Allow daydreams galore in which Plan A unfolds in all of its glory.

As you envision Plan A, you might realize there are some obstacles in your way. It’s an expensive vacation, where will you get that much money if you can’t start saving now? How will you take the time off work? Maybe you’ve never left the country before and the thought of traveling to Europe starts to overwhelm you.

So that Plan A doesn’t become desperate or hopeless, you need a hearty Plan B. In Plan B, you still learn French. Your goal of learning a language you have always loved will still be complete. Only now, instead of Paris for the week, you change it to Quebec for the weekend. You still get to practice your French with native speakers, and it’s still a pretty romantic vacation. In fact, achieving Plan B will get you closer to Plan A. You’ll practice leaving the country, you’ll practice finding your way in a foreign city, and you’ll practice the French language. I’d bet that once you arrive in Quebec and conquer that trip, Paris will suddenly feel very doable.

Keep your vision front and center. My Pinterest boards are dotted with gorgeous, high-heeled shoes. I have pictures that represent my idea of glamour all over my office walls: glamorous quotes, places, images, homes, bedding, etc. To me, glamour is a value and I am compelled to honor it.

Whether you acknowledge them or not, your values are present in your life: they show up in the images you are drawn to, the people you admire, and the goals you set for yourself. Be grateful that you are surrounded by so much of what you love. Create a vision board and collect these reflections. Appreciating them will only bring more of what you want into your life.

Here’s wishing you exactly what you want! Until next time~



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2011 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,400 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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New Life in New Zealand

Hello from Wellington, NZ! I’ve been here with my family for four months now … I’ve got the Energy Shop stocked and running, the family’s adjusted, and we’re all moved in to our little house in a close suburb called Karori.

House on the hill for my family of 6
If we press our face up to the glass on our bedroom window, we can see a corner of Wellington Bay, but mostly our view from the house looks like this:

Karori, Wellington, New Zealand

I love living up on the hill in this part of town. Every morning, I open the curtains and I’m reminded of where I am at. I can see the mountains off in the distance, and I can see what the weather is like 30-40 miles from my house. I’ve never had a view like this in my life!
We can drive just over the mountain we live on to the ocean. We arrived at the onset of winter, and we experienced a once-in-a-lifetime snowfall for the area back in August. But from what I hear, even when the weather warms up, the water stays rather cold because it’s coming up from Antarctica. We have yet to find out if we’ll be able to brave the cold and swim around the area, but we have plenty of beaches to enjoy:

Makara BeachSeatoun on Wellington Bay

And with fur seals on Cape Palliser

And that’s just the majestic views! Next time I have a chance to sit down with this blog, I’ll tell you all about the friendly “Kiwis” (what New Zealanders call themselves), the abundance of free family activities, and the amazing atmosphere in this country. All the best, Lisa


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Inspire Me!

I just love these inspirational charm necklaces by Inspired Design, and with Easter coming up, I thought it was the perfect time to share the shop with you!

 Janice has kindly offered my readers 10% off your first order! Just enter coupon code: FRIENDSOFENERGYSHOP at check-out for your discount. Use this link to Shop her affordable line of jewelry now! All the best, Lisa


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A New Adventure ♥

Only a few short weeks ago, my family and I learned that we were to move from northern Virginia to Wellington, New Zealand for my husband’s job. Needless to say, we are beyond thrilled and we can hardly wait to embark on our new adventure!  We’ll be packing up and moving on shortly, and we’re set to arrive and settle into our new home on or about the first week of May.

What this means for the Energy Shop:

Surprisingly, very little! When I learned of our move, I made arrangements to move shipping and handling to another location (namely, my brother’s home office in Pittsburgh, PA). Adam has been packing and shipping your orders for just about a month now, and the transition could not have gone more smoothly! From here on, I will design, create, and smudge the jewelry in New Zealand and then ship it to him. By the time it’s listed, he will have it right there in Pittsburgh and you’ll receive it quickly, as usual. I am heading into packing and moving, but the Energy Shop is fully stocked and Adam is ready to take your order! ♥

What this means for custom orders:

Custom sizing and special orders are the only items that will experience a delay. In the past, if you wanted your bracelet to be a special size, you needed only mention it and I altered it, then shipped it off to you with only a few days’ delay. Right now, I’m in one location and everything stocked on the website is at another. I’ve taken custom sizing and special orders in the last month, and in order to fill them, the bracelets are shipped to me, altered, and then shipped to you. Adam and I have been able to complete that process in a week’s time, but as you can imagine, the shipping is going to take a bit longer once I am in New Zealand.

First, custom orders are closed for May–I can’t work with jewelry because my tools will be in transit. Once I’m back up in June, I will gladly accept alterations and special orders. Please contact me before placing a special order or sizing, so that I may give you a realistic timeline and share any other details you might need to approve. If I have supplies on hand, your order could take as little as 10 days. If I don’t, your order could take up to two months. I will do everything I possibly can to ensure that most orders are filled within a few weeks.

What it means to me:

I’ve lived in some extraordinary places, and I’m ready to embrace New Zealand! I have wonderful feelings about what’s coming next, for both myself and the Energy Shop. I thank you for your continued support.

To celebrate, I’m hosting a sale on Tuesday, April 19. I am here waiting for anything you need custom-sized, and I’ll get it to you within the week! Everyone is invited to enjoy 25% off your entire order with code: newadventure

See you then, and ♥ all the best, Lisa


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Everybody’s Plotting to Support Me

“I’ve always been the opposite of paranoid. I operate as if everyone is a part of a plot to enhance my well-being.”—Stan Dale

I have a super power and you might have it, too: I can read other people’s minds.  For example and just last night, my husband walked into the kitchen (where I was working) and headed straight to the refrigerator—without so much as a glance in my direction.

So, I read his mind. When he didn’t acknowledge me sitting in the room, my super power told me that my husband must have a problem with me. I thought to myself, what the heck’s his problem? And suddenly, I had a problem with him.

Never mind that he could’ve been really thirsty, my super powers don’t lie. I had to get to the bottom of it, so I went looking, only to find him in the next room playing with the children. When I walked in, he looked up at me, smiled and said, “Hey, babe.”

It turns out that I don’t have super powers after all! My husband never had a problem with me, and I got mad because I believed a negative story that my imagination told me!

Well, that misconstrued exchange happened with two people in the same room. Now just imagine what can happen in a world of email and social networking. Think about what you tell yourself when you don’t hear back from someone right away—only to realize that they’re only sitting somewhere else, minding their own business.

As it turns out, our thinking minds aren’t always working in our best interests. Sometimes our imaginations trick us with negative stories and predictions.  Have you ever wanted to ask someone something, but stopped yourself because you were sure the answer would be “no.”?

Well, I have officially decided to train my brain in a new direction. I’m taking a cue from Stan Dale’s quote above.  I have determined that there is a conspiracy afoot: the whole world is plotting to support me. You’re doing it right now—as you read this—you’re sending me positive thoughts and well wishes, I just know it! The next person that I ask for help is going to be tickled pink and bend over backwards to work with me. And then, people everywhere are going to start recommending my shop and promoting my blog!

This new conspiracy feels good! Now I can stop clenching to the idea that this all has to work out, because no brain of mine is telling me otherwise. I can relax and enjoy this time in my life. I can realize that I’m doing something that I love every day. I can recognize that I spring out of bed each morning because I can’t wait to get started. I can be grateful, instead of worried, because the world is out there working toward my good right now. So, thank you!

Join the conspiracy on Facebook :) And let’s start the same conspiracy for the good of you!



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Want to Be an Energy Shop Affiliate?

Rose Quartz Fertility Bracelet

Earn a $10 Credit for Every Friend You Bring to the Energy Shop!

Are you ready to earn free product? Since you’ve already been spreading the word and sharing your love for the Energy Shop, I’ve created an affiliate program to thank and reward you! If you’re interested in becoming an Energy Shop affiliate, please contact me through the Energy Shop or write to me  at mrslisajacobs (at) gmail (dot) com. Here’s how it works:

1. Contact me directly, letting me know you would like to become an Energy Shop affiliate.

2. I’ll create an exclusive 10% discount that you can share with your friends.

3. Each time one of your friends make their first Energy Shop purchase (of $10 or more) and cash the 10% discount code, you receive a $10 Energy Shop gift certificate!

You can share your code anywhere: Tell your friends, email relatives, and post it on your blog! For every new customer you bring, you earn free product. Thank you for your support. Visit the Energy Shop and let’s get started ♥


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