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Don’t You Just Love a Sale?

Even more than I like to shop sales, I like to host them. Mainly because I LOVE MY CUSTOMERS. They’ve rocketed my little shop into an Etsy success story, and I couldn’t be more grateful. This is my new stone, Azurite.

On sale at 50% off, and I promise you that each bracelet is strung with love and thanks. I’m working on all kinds of things for this blog, my shop, and my life! I look forward to sharing with you lots more in the future. Visit me, anytime, at the Energy Shop. ♥ All the best, Lisa



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Sunday Morning Stones

New Today: Fire Agate

There are some new designs at my Energy Shop at Etsy.  This Fire Agate bracelet promotes a deep connection with the Earth. It has a calming energy, but it also energizes the aura and stimulates physical vitality. This stone is said to support in difficult times and protect against ill-wishing. Need to relax? This bracelet will help you settle down. It works particularly well for the Aries zodiac sign (March 20-April 20 birthday).

Until the next time I pull my head out of the beads ♥

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