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3 Ways to Get What You Want

How you start your day is how you live your day, and how you live your day is the way you live your life. ~Louise Hay

If you’re seeking success, there’s really no difference between who you are now and who you want to become. It’s a matter of applying that feeling of success everyday until you meet your goals. Here is a very simple, 3-step formula you can follow to get all that you desire:

Act as if. Act as if you are already where you want to be. Imagine your biggest dream came true last week: all that you’ve been wishing on is now yours! Does that change anything about your day? Would you be wearing what you have on? Would you be doing what you had planned? Would your mood be the same?

To change your present attitude and act as if you already have what you want, think of the role models in your life, the people whom you admire. When you find yourself in a funk, or you’re struggling to make a decision, or you are resisting a change, ask yourself:

  • What would my role model do next?
  • How would my role model dress?
  • How would my role model approach this situation?
  • Would I be proud to show my role model this project/space/idea?

I have always had very glamorous role models. I admire self-respecting, graceful women who show up in heels and lipstick. I am rarely in heels or lipstick. In fact, until last month, I never wore more than a kitten heel on my shoes! Because I am striving to act as if I am already the success I wish for, I have a new pair of 4” heels I’m wobbling around on–I practice walking in them as I do house chores, and I look quite silly doing it. However, if I am going to be as glamorous as my role models, I have to change the habit of showing up in my tennis shoes! What habit can you adopt that will help you begin to act as if you already have what you want?

Create a Plan B and be stoked about it. I have a life-changing Plan A that I am working on this year. I want Plan A so badly that I can taste it! I have a visualization mapped of how it will all unfold. I often get carried away in daydreams and I practice my reaction to Plan A coming true in the mirror. I love Plan A.

So that my desire for Plan A doesn’t turn into desperation, I have carefully drafted a second place prize: Plan B. In Plan B, I still achieve the feelings I desire, I just have to practice more patience to reach the ultimate goal and rewards in Plan A.

For example, let’s say you have always wanted to learn to speak French. You buy a course that will teach you the language, and then you set a rewarding Plan A. “If I get to third level French by the end of next year, I will travel to my dream destination of Paris, France for one week. I will become affluent in the French language, using the week to practice speaking with Parisians.”


Now, that’s a pretty lofty goal, but just imagine it! Picture yourself on the streets of Paris in the springtime speaking French. Allow daydreams galore in which Plan A unfolds in all of its glory.

As you envision Plan A, you might realize there are some obstacles in your way. It’s an expensive vacation, where will you get that much money if you can’t start saving now? How will you take the time off work? Maybe you’ve never left the country before and the thought of traveling to Europe starts to overwhelm you.

So that Plan A doesn’t become desperate or hopeless, you need a hearty Plan B. In Plan B, you still learn French. Your goal of learning a language you have always loved will still be complete. Only now, instead of Paris for the week, you change it to Quebec for the weekend. You still get to practice your French with native speakers, and it’s still a pretty romantic vacation. In fact, achieving Plan B will get you closer to Plan A. You’ll practice leaving the country, you’ll practice finding your way in a foreign city, and you’ll practice the French language. I’d bet that once you arrive in Quebec and conquer that trip, Paris will suddenly feel very doable.

Keep your vision front and center. My Pinterest boards are dotted with gorgeous, high-heeled shoes. I have pictures that represent my idea of glamour all over my office walls: glamorous quotes, places, images, homes, bedding, etc. To me, glamour is a value and I am compelled to honor it.

Whether you acknowledge them or not, your values are present in your life: they show up in the images you are drawn to, the people you admire, and the goals you set for yourself. Be grateful that you are surrounded by so much of what you love. Create a vision board and collect these reflections. Appreciating them will only bring more of what you want into your life.

Here’s wishing you exactly what you want! Until next time~



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2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,400 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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New Life in New Zealand

Hello from Wellington, NZ! I’ve been here with my family for four months now … I’ve got the Energy Shop stocked and running, the family’s adjusted, and we’re all moved in to our little house in a close suburb called Karori.

House on the hill for my family of 6
If we press our face up to the glass on our bedroom window, we can see a corner of Wellington Bay, but mostly our view from the house looks like this:

Karori, Wellington, New Zealand

I love living up on the hill in this part of town. Every morning, I open the curtains and I’m reminded of where I am at. I can see the mountains off in the distance, and I can see what the weather is like 30-40 miles from my house. I’ve never had a view like this in my life!
We can drive just over the mountain we live on to the ocean. We arrived at the onset of winter, and we experienced a once-in-a-lifetime snowfall for the area back in August. But from what I hear, even when the weather warms up, the water stays rather cold because it’s coming up from Antarctica. We have yet to find out if we’ll be able to brave the cold and swim around the area, but we have plenty of beaches to enjoy:

Makara BeachSeatoun on Wellington Bay

And with fur seals on Cape Palliser

And that’s just the majestic views! Next time I have a chance to sit down with this blog, I’ll tell you all about the friendly “Kiwis” (what New Zealanders call themselves), the abundance of free family activities, and the amazing atmosphere in this country. All the best, Lisa


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What’s Important to You Today?

I came across this question last night in reflection, and it reminded me to get back to the simple things that matter most. When I opened my journal, I landed on a page I wrote exactly two years ago with a visualization for success. As I was feeling particularly overrun by life last night, it was perfect timing!

I’m on the verge of another big change–as I was two years ago. At the time, we were about to move from Brussels, Belgium to Culpeper, Virginia and I wrote the visualization for six months into the future. It started with my relationships, covering how my husband, children, and even our old dog handled the transition and what they would come to find and love living back home in the United States. Then, it covered me: what I would accomplish, explore, and discover.

When we were overseas, my husband and I became convinced that we would have to move our family of 6 into a cramped townhouse in Northern Virginia because the cost of living here is so expensive. However, in my visualization, I covered housing next, stating that we were living in a spacious, single family home that had at least four bedrooms. The visualization covered our finances, and made clear that money was always available and never a concern. Finally, I covered extended family and friends, naming how they would receive us and visit often.

In all scenarios, that visualization, or something better, has manifested in my life. I never even realized it had all come into fruition until last night! Yesterday I was feeling overwhelmed, and I knew the best stress relief would be to do another six month visualization and highlight all the wonderful things that would unfold in the coming months. If you’re feeling stressed simply answer the following questions and create a visualization of your own:

In six months,
1. My relationships are … Here you want to describe how your primary relationships are doing. What are the people you care about most experiencing and achieving? Imagine them fulfilling their passions and discovering their best life.

2.  I am … what are you doing, learning, reading, enjoying? Describe all of that here. Are you living up to your potential? Are you fit and active? Do you feel excited about your life?

3. My home is … redecorated, remodeled, moved to another, more fitting location. If something’s not working in your environment, you imagine it better here.

4. My finances … Reach for abundance. Debt is paid down, financial freedom is on the horizon, and out of the blue, you realized another source of income you earn while doing something you love! Get creative here, and imagine yourself prospering at every turn.

5. Your extended family and friends … How do they receive you when they see you? How do you get along with your co-workers? How has your difficult family member become a little easier to get along with? Imagine all the people who make you feel really good and record how more experiences like that will be coming.

Wishing you all the best in love and life ♥


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Promising Pitfalls

What I’m about to tell you is flat-out ridiculous. If you’re an old subscriber, you might remember when I fell off my horse. If you’re a new subscriber, you might remember me mentioning an injury that forced me to slow down–I was referring to the horseback riding fall.

I mentioned that my husband and I receive these setbacks as a sign. We ask, “Why am I being forced to slow down? What have I been passing up?” Then, in my very last post, I caught myself going too hard again. And even though I tried to slow down, the ridiculous happened.

I went roller skating with my children this weekend and pulled my back. I didn’t fall, I simply stretched in an unbalanced manner. I’m typing this post on a heating pad with a herniated disc–I reactivated my horseback riding injury. Two days ago, I was practically immobile, but I’m fast improving and today I’m climbing the stairs with ease.

There’s no question about it this time, I’m being forced to slow down because I’ve been passing everything up. My sore back named my focus for the week: Study, Read, Write. And even though I’m experiencing the worst injury I’ve had to date, I’m practically giddy sitting here–getting goosebumps from the cozy warmth of the heating pad, hot coffee beside me–with books and my notebook piled around me.

My new question has become: why can’t I allow myself this type of leisure and stillness when I’m perfectly healthy? I need to rearrange my belief set: I am always enough. Whether I’m doing or not doing, my individuality is precious and magnificent. This is part of my lesson in growth. All the best ♥

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New Year’s Focus

I really dig personal transformation and self-discovery, so I find myself going a bit haywire over New Year’s resolutions. I have a whole series of posts right below this one, talking about how I’m going to ease up on myself with a “do one thing at a time” motto, but in the first several days of the New Year–I’ve caught myself feeling overwhelmed by a daunting to-do list.

And that’s OK. It takes practice to change! You have to perform something for 3 weeks to create a habit, otherwise your brain reroutes you right back to your normal patterns. On day 3 of the New Year, I was so restless that I caught myself trying to plan a spontaneous trip–to anywhere exotic and expensive. That idea goes directly against at least 2 of my resolutions. But, you should’ve seen my to-do list at the time–what else was I going to do, but plan an escape?!

I named these first 7 days of the New Year, “The Week of Cleanse.” If the name would’ve matched my expectations, it could have been called: The Week of Cleanse, Scrub, De-Clutter, Organize, and Redecorate the House. By day three, I was exhausted (I’d cleaned only a few rooms as thoroughly as I’d planned) and grumpy. Also, when I feel that way, I begin to seek an insatiable amount of attention and recognition. 😀 It’s like I’m asking the world to please, tell me I’m doing enough. What can I say? Old habits are hard to break.

While my plan was to “cleanse” the entire house, plus my own mind, body, and spirit, I recognized the ridiculous expectations I had for myself (read: my husband told me I was being relentless and asking too much of any day’s time), and changed the to-do list. I decided to organize half the house (the upstairs), and that immediately felt better! Yes, organizing the whole house would make me feel good. Scheduling it all in five days makes me feel overwhelmed. Lesson learned!

Overall, it was a success. I tackled all of the bedrooms and upstairs closets, which is no small task, and I removed 10 garbage bags of trash and donations. Hello, better Feng Shui! I haven’t named next week, yet. I’m too busy chill-axin with the latest copy of O today. What’s your current focus?




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A List of New Year’s Resolutions

The week in review has offered me insight and a list of New Year’s resolutions. This year I will . . .

  • Participate in four natural, adventurous, and inexpensive family mini-vacations (hiking, camping, touring local cities, etc.) [relational]
  • Run an 8 minute mile [physical]
  • Run 3 miles in under 30 minutes [physical]
  • Research Reiki Training (and start program if it fits) [spiritual]
  • Finish degree in Metaphysics [spiritual]
  • Complete second book [mental]
  • Spend less (business and personal expenses), and save more (to grow with) [financial]
  • Open second shop [financial]
  • Spread the word on the Energy Shop, have a total  of at least 1,000 FB fans [financial]

This blog will be a great way to track my progress, and I’ll cross them off as they are completed throughout the year. Like I said, this is a low-pressure situation, as too rigid a plan will leave little space for opportunities and possibilities to present themselves. If I had written my second book last year, I never would have had time to create and build the Energy Shop–it goes to show you never know what life has in store for you.

May your 2011 be filled to the brim with love, laughter, gratitude, spirit, and prosperity!  ♥


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