Lisa Jacobs

Hello and welcome! I am a 30-something lover of life, wife of lover, mother of four, baker of blog, jewelry maker, and author of The Rescue You Program. I often post about family, friends, neighbors, and The Real Housewives of anywhere in this Country.

It's me, Lisa!

I have a passion for self-discovery and personal transformation. The books I read are usually non-fiction and from the self-help section. The book I wrote is a guide on improving your life and reinventing your love after an affair–a personal experience for me. I love meeting like-minded people on the page, so please, comment at will and I look forward to hearing from you soon. All the best in love and life!


8 responses to “Lisa Jacobs

  1. Amy

    Hi! So glad that you commented on my blog cause now I’ve found yours and I’m enjoying it tremendously. So, I owe you a thanks!

  2. Dear Lisa,
    I am just looking at your website, as I wade thru a painful season…but I have to say, you short phrase “”I have a passion for self-discovery and personal transformation. “…is delightful to see in print. It is my life, my passion, the driving force in all I do. Somehow, seeing someone joyful self-describe themselves in that way was very liberating to me…as I often feel a bit guilty about my incessant love for self-discovery and personal transformation. Never thought this particular season of betrayal would be in my self-discovery journey, but alas, it is. So thanks in advance for your blog. mjj

  3. Jenn

    Dear Lisa –

    This week I received your karma bracelet and now I have a few questions. Would it be possible to contact you? Unfortunately, I forgot your business card at home that came with the bracelet.


  4. Michelle F

    Lisa….just found your website and was reading thru varius segments and came upon “adultry”…it made me cry…i too have been trhu hell and back and at times still feel the pain and I have not healed yet although things are rosy at home…imay have to read your book as I always relish what you have to say….thank you Lisa….

  5. Jon


    Very Impressive! I am extremely proud of you.


  6. Peter Anthony

    Hi Lisa

    Hope you are well.

    I am looking at getting in contact with you via email, could you please let me know what address is best to contact you on?

    I have some questions regarding Heartsy i think you could help me with! Would be very appreciated.

    Thank you. Pete

  7. Lisa,
    Great site!

    I have a popular marriage-related site based upon a book praised by talk show hosts as well as bloggers on 3 continents. (Improve Your Marriage – Don’t Overlook The Obvious)

    I would like to exchange links with you.
    Please check the website and let me know if you wish to exchange links. Or, to join the other bloggers who have reviewed the book.

    I do hope that we can exchange links.
    However, either way, good luck in your endeavors!

    Russ Irving

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