Hey, You with the Pool!

I read a lot of lists on these here blogs. Everybody’s got one, so I thought, I’ll start a list. But, I am not a multi-tasker. I can only think of one thing at a time. So, here’s number one on my list:

1. Make 8 friends who have a backyard pool.

That way, I’ll get invited to a different pool friend’s house everyday and twice on Sundays. That sounds so cool, clear, and refreshing because it’s getting MUGGY up in ‘here. When we were kids, we used to call this sort of thing “using.” Now, it’s just “logical.” Virginia temps are reaching the mid-90’s and to be outside is to be sweating. I’ve had it with the hot nonsense already.

On a related note, guess who saw a new fuzzy neighbor yesterday? That’s right–ME. This fuzzy neighbor happens to be the only person I’ve seen in our ENTIRE neighborhood who owns a backyard pool. My dog took a dump right in front of her house, so, that gave us plenty of time to small-talk. 5 more dog dumps like that one, and I can call her a friend and find out what time’s too early for me to show up for a swim.

1 down. 7 to go.



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14 responses to “Hey, You with the Pool!

  1. Pools bring out totally unknown friends…work it sista!….

    • Did you just invite me over to your backyard pool? I was reading between the lines, but I think that’s what you did, right? I’m packing the car. See you soon ♥

  2. Sounds like a fab summer goal! I’m in Phoenix and understand — gotta beat the heat, no matter what it takes!

  3. lol! Tragically, I’ve never thought of that strategy, maybe I should start to do that as well… hmmm…. we’re about to move too – maybe that should be one of the top things to check off the list: neighbors with a pool… CHECK!

  4. LOL I think it works. My inlaws have a pool so we just show up at their place. 🙂 Thanks for visiting me today!

  5. So spot on with befriending pool owners! Love it! Thanks for visiting my blog today :-).

  6. Love that. I need to make a friend who has a pool!

  7. angelcel

    You have to be pretty well to do to warrant a pool over here (UK) and given the unpredicatable and decidedly ify climate it really should be an indoor pool to be of any use. Consequently, I know absolutely *no one* with a pool! …A hot tub or two yes…but nope, no pool.

    I’ve been looking through your site and I love your ‘voice’. Your reference to ‘fuzzy friends’ intrigued me. I had visions of very hirsute men (or women!) until I went over to see what it was all about. 🙂

    • I love to joke, and thank you. I’ve lived in Belgium and know what you mean about the climate. Pools would be more pain than pleasure in that weather. I remember seeing one backyard, outdoor pool in all of Brussels and it was NEVER used 🙂

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