Promising Pitfalls

What I’m about to tell you is flat-out ridiculous. If you’re an old subscriber, you might remember when I fell off my horse. If you’re a new subscriber, you might remember me mentioning an injury that forced me to slow down–I was referring to the horseback riding fall.

I mentioned that my husband and I receive these setbacks as a sign. We ask, “Why am I being forced to slow down? What have I been passing up?” Then, in my very last post, I caught myself going too hard again. And even though I tried to slow down, the ridiculous happened.

I went roller skating with my children this weekend and pulled my back. I didn’t fall, I simply stretched in an unbalanced manner. I’m typing this post on a heating pad with a herniated disc–I reactivated my horseback riding injury. Two days ago, I was practically immobile, but I’m fast improving and today I’m climbing the stairs with ease.

There’s no question about it this time, I’m being forced to slow down because I’ve been passing everything up. My sore back named my focus for the week: Study, Read, Write. And even though I’m experiencing the worst injury I’ve had to date, I’m practically giddy sitting here–getting goosebumps from the cozy warmth of the heating pad, hot coffee beside me–with books and my notebook piled around me.

My new question has become: why can’t I allow myself this type of leisure and stillness when I’m perfectly healthy? I need to rearrange my belief set: I am always enough. Whether I’m doing or not doing, my individuality is precious and magnificent. This is part of my lesson in growth. All the best ♥


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