Year in Review: Part 3

If you are also reflecting on 2010 and preparing for 2011, let me repeat the questions we’ve covered so far so that you may link up your blog or grab your journal:

  • How did I spend my time this year and how would I like to improve on that?
  • What am I feeling particularly grateful for and what would I like to see grow?
  • In the past year, how have I contributed to the person I want to be? In regard to that ideal, what has set me back? What has propelled me forward?
  • Where am I trying to force change, rather than go with the flow? What can I let go of?

My personal review has me thinking, alright, already! I get that I have a tendency to go overboard! I’ve realized that my daily feelings are typically love, gratitude . . . and a sense of being overwhelmed. The answers to the above questions are creating one solid New Year’s resolution: Ease up on your expectations of yourself.

Now that I think about the past year, I had a couple of illnesses and an injury that simply took me out where the only cure was bed-rest. My husband and I always question these types of setbacks. When one of us gets sick or hurt, we feel like we got benched from the game, but not as punishment. It’s more like, “I’m being asked to slow down, what have I been passing up?”

So, my first question in review is somewhat spontaneous based on that finding. Can you think of any time in the last year where a setback forced you to slow down?

Finally, the last question I asked myself in the review is, “What do I want to focus on in the New Year?” Mine is about growth. My goodness, just thinking the word “growth” makes my spirit expand as I’m sitting here. I feel as though I’ve been away from home for a long time (physically, I have), and this year is going to be about finding that sense of home wherever I may be.

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve!! Together we will set an intention and resolutions for the New Year. Bring all the answers to your review questions!


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