You Tweet Too Well. You Tweet Twell. 2nd Edition.

So, here are more super tweets and I wanted to share them first on my blog, and then steal them as my own on Twitter. You’ve been forewarned and I have the right to steal your tweets? OK. We’re agreed.

“That contraction hurt SOOO bad! ugh! That was definitely a 5!” –mrs_lds. Enchanting. I followed her tweets while she counted her contractions. What a fun Monday morning, and I can hardly wait to follow labor and birth. Wonder if she’ll tweet the count as she’s pushing, or if she’ll have someone do that for her. TBD. You are safe, my love, as I am not pregnant right now, so it will be years or another lifetime before I steal your tweets.

“Women complain about PMS, but I think of it as the only time of the month when I can be myself.” –Phoernicia. Clever. Borrowing this one as my own, friend.

“Smoke alarm beeping every 2 minutes. I removed battery. Still it beeps. It’s possessed. I’m scared. I shall set it on fire” –davidschneider. Funny. My house has about 18 smoke alarms in it because we’re afraid of spontaneous combustion. It happens. What’s fun is that all alarms are due for batteries about the same time and it’s hard to identify which one needs changing today. Those beeps waking me in the middle of the night is an ingredient for the recipe of my first nervous breakdown. Since I’ve experienced the same thing, it’s fair to say this tweet belongs to me.

“Speaking of birds. I must thank the kind feathered creatures that sung sweet melodies and helped dress me and make my bed this morning.” –imwithjc, or, the official Jesus twitter. Informative. You no longer have to wonder, what would Jesus do? You just ask him @imwithjc I am only Divine by Your Sacrifice, JC. Therefore, I cannot take your tweets, but this blog officially belongs to you. I assume you already know the account password.

jdhalm remains incredibly talented and is on my favorites-list, tweettoowelltweeters on Twitter. After my first You Tweet Too Well blog, I realized that she hasn’t tweeted since April of 2009, and she only created three tweets. I have them all here, for us to enjoy together. From oldest to newest:

“American idol tonight!!! I wish they would have a NKOTB night!!!! That would be soooo bad a*s!!!!!”

“Soooo, I just got my tickets to NKOTB!!!! Woodlands, TX!!!! Can’t freakin wait!!!! I think we might get kinda wasty that night fo sho!!!!”

“@DonnieWahlberg Soooo, just got my tickets to NKOTB! Woodlands, TX! Can’t freakin wait! I think us girls might get wasty that night fo sho!” –jdhalm. Fantastic. Again, I like how she “might” get wasty, but it’s also “fo sho.” What I love is that she up-played how wasty she was going to get for Donnie. The first one feels like the truth to me. She was only going to get “kinda” wasty. However, she wanted Donnie to think she was fully “wasty.” Hmmmm . . .

I’m upset with Donnie Wahlberg right now. If he would have acknowledged jdhalm’s latest tweet, she would probably still be tweeting today and I would have much more to go on. I don’t know how receptive Donnie Wahlberg is to his twitter account, but something needs to be done about this.

As a final note, You Tweet Too Well is now coming to you weekly. Link up by posting your own Tweet Too Well blog or post in the comments section below.

P.S. Working on my Real Housewives Cobblesquat.  JC, could really use you on this one. Team Bethenny?  Or Team Jill?


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