Honest Talk: After the Affair

An extramarital affair is such closeted material, which is the number one reason I love discussing it! If you’re having this experience, you may know that it’s virtually impossible to get real people to talk about it, especially if they’ve successfully recovered from the ordeal. The first few months are grief-stricken and tumultuous and here, from O Magazine, is one woman’s account.

He Cheated, She Stayed: One Woman’s True Story of Getting Over Infidelity

There is hope! For more information, please visit my website at www.rescueyou.org or search “The Rescue You Program” at amazon.com. All the best in love and life!



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5 responses to “Honest Talk: After the Affair

  1. Joanne

    I have recently completed “The Rescue You” Program – by completed I mean have completed all nine workbooks – I refer to the program daily to continue to help me live my best life.

    It has been nine months since the revelation of my husband’s betrayal – 1st affair in 2001 for 6+ months, 2nd affair with same woman 2+ years.

    Your program is amazing and I want to thank you for it – words cannot express how far I have come since working through the 9 workbooks. I began researching and reading almost from day one of revelation and found some good, along with some not so good resources, your program is one of only two outstanding resources I have found.

    Thank you again for sharing your experience and the path that is leading you to your best life.

  2. secretlifeofjane

    I am a real person and I am not afraid to talk about my affair. Pop on over to my blog if you are interested.


    • Jane, I checked out your blog, but you and I write about affairs from exact opposite angles. I’m not sure my blog is the best place for you to recruit readers. To be honest, I considered deleting the link before it upsets anyone who comes here for help. You do write well from the “other woman’s” perspective. Good luck.

      • secretlifeofjane

        Good point. I’ve made it my mission to read as much as I can from both points of view to gain a better understanding of myself and my husband. I appreciate you stopping by my blog and checking it out. I will certainly be keeping tabs on your blog in the future.

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