Fuzzy Neighbor Update #2

I found this one’s dog. My own dog walks are turning out to be a fuzzy neighbor (click for back story) goldmine. I wonder if I switch up the time of day, we might see even more action. Or I’ll take two walks. Or maybe three.

Because today I got a fuzzy neighbor’s phone number. Of course, it came off the dog’s collar, but I can pretty much guarantee that the neighbor and I are both glad I got it. No one answered when I called to say I found Gracie (the name of my new fuzzy friend’s dog), so I had to leave my phone number. Pretty sure she held on to that.

Our meeting was brief. She was all, “I don’t know how Gracie got out of the yard!” And I was all, “We’re new in town. I’m Lisa–nice to meetya.” (Lisa nice to meetya in sing-song, of course.) She kept trying to get to know me by blubbering over the lost dog, which was so highly unnecessary. We forgot to set up a date and time for a glass of wine on her back deck–you know, to thank me–but, I’m sure she’ll call.

Anyway, I told her about this blog and how thoroughly neighbor-licious I am. I can’t help think about how lucky she was that I let Gracie out of the fence–I mean, found Gracie.


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